How to save request body and response body of test runner in same input CSV file

Hi, I just want to automate my test scenario and for that i want to save the request body and response body of the test runner in save CSV file in additional column so please guide me in little details because i am new at postman and i am using test runner to attached the CSV file.
Thank You

@ahtashamali06 Welcome to the community :partying_face:

I personally haven’t tried this before. I usually run using newman.

Similar thread is discussed here, Kindly go through it. This post almost covers everything and you can give it a try. If you still face any issues, kindly post it with details and screenshots.

But if you are not using newman and but I believe through collection runner the options are limited, please refer this post and this.


Thanks for the early response but I am also try to use Newman for this but in Newman i am not aware how to pass authentication header value because when I export collection from postman I just export the collection files not header’s so please if you have any idea how to pass authentication head in Newman so I am very thankful.