Newman - Send Reporter result as REST, not write to file. Possible?


I want to use Newman with Node.js and setup an API in the cloud which will trigger newman with given URLs to Collection and Environments. Then send back the result (Preferably as JUnit) directly. I don’t want to write to file, then open file and send content. Is there a way to do this?

I was thinking about using the Summary from the Callback of…), but I am having troubles with the EventEmitter.

This would enable me to have a “newman API” which will run collections in different regions in the world, which would help me test my different services.

Thanks for any help.


As you’ve probably already read, the documentation says that the only option for now is to export to a JSON file:

The results of all tests and requests can be exported into a file and later imported into Postman for further analysis. Use the JSON reporter and a file name to save the runner output into a file.

I’d recommend that you open a feature request as an issue on GitHub (the feature request category here is deprecated):


Thanks for a quick reply. I’ll do that.