How do you set the node.js path for the interceptor bridge? Postman is trying to install node again

I’m trying to install the interceptor bridge and Postman keeps trying to install Node.js on my machine. I’m using a Node.js version manager so my executable path is different than the default one. I know for a fact Node.js is installed, I use it everyday on my machine but I can’t seem to find anything about how to let Postman know that Node.js is already installed and here is the path to the executable.

Is there a way I can point Postman at my currently installed version of Node.js?

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I have the same problem and I’m using nodenv to manage node versions so don’t want to install via the downloader.

I see this indicates that its possible to set the path via the environmental variable NVM_BIN Using Postman Interceptor | Postman Learning Center

However, I tried added that both to my profile and in the global environment variables in postman and neither worked. It keeps trying to download node.js so I’m unable to use the interceptor.


If you can’t use interceptor, you can still use the proxy method.

Install a proxy switcher addon in Chrome, so its easier to manage, switch to the Postman proxy, record your test and then turn the proxy back to system or default.

I’ve used Proxy SwitchyOmega in the past and this seemed to work ok.

This is way you had to do it before the Interceptor come along.

I want to know too.

Currently, I have created soft link /usr/local/bin/npm, /usr/local/bin/node to my installed path, and it worked.

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