How do Collection Editors get notified when a Collection Viewers Create a Merge Request?

When a Collection Viewer wants to update a collection, they can fork it and make their changes. Then they can create attempt to merge the changes, but they won’t be able to because their Collection Viewer role doesn’t allow them to. Which is perfect! However, how do Collection Editors get notified that a merge request has been created so that they can review the merge request and appropriately approve/deny it?

Thank you!


Hey @ahackley! :wave:

We are currently working on implementing pull requests in Postman, we’ll be releasing this in stages but it should be available soon!
I’ve added your feedback on the github issue we’re using to track this feature but feel free to add more if you want:


Thank you @arlemi! Exactly what I was looking for. I’ll keep an eye on the github request :hugs:

Exactly what our team needs. Excited for this! :tada:

@trishay @ahackley We’ve just pushed 7.19.1 enabling Pull Requests, give it a try and let us know if you have any feedback!

Screenshot 2020-02-25 at 10.58.09

yay! will give it a try. Thanks! :slight_smile:

When I add a reviewer I got this error: {“errors”:[{“message”:“Unable to perform this action for pull request.”,“locations”:[{“line”:2,“column”:3}],“path”:[“createPullRequest”],“extensions”:{“code”:“FORBIDDEN”,“exception”:{“title”:“Something went wrong”,“code”:403}}}],“data”:{“createPullRequest”:null}}

When I leave the reviewer blank, I was able to create a PR without a problem.

Also, when people view my PR they can’t see my changes get this error in the source

@trishay Thanks for trying it out, are you forking the collection from a team workspace to your own workspace? From your workspace to a team workspace? Any steps to help me reproduce what you’re having would be helpful!

So this are the steps I did:

  1. From team workspace, share the collection to my workspace
  2. From my workspace, fork the shared collection to my workspace


It seems to work if the forked collection in my workspace gets shared in the team workspace

@trishay that’s right. The forked collection needs to be visible to your team members for them to review. That’s why the collection has to be shared in a team workspace before adding any team member as reviewers.

We will work on improving error messages so that this is obvious.


@ankit-m Thanks for the information and the option given for “Pull request”. I am doing some analysis on this and got stuck while approving the pull request as a reviewer.

  • I dont know where to check, i have some thing to review?
  • Also, where can we see all the pull requests created by team members?
  • I think, we are missing some historical data from pull requests
  • How to track, if approver gives some feedback but, PR is not approved or Declined or Merged?
  • I thought, approver would receive an email notification with the PR information. But, that does not happen in my case. I hope, this is not expected :slightly_frowning_face:

Could you please help me on the above points? i am very much interested to see this before going for the actual usage of pull requests (we are planning to use Git for VC purpose but, we are getting this from Postman itself and that is really helpful for postman users).

Cool, thanks for the help!

Hello, I’ve tried to get around this new feature for several days now and I’m not even close to the solution.

1 - I created a new team workspace and a new collection in it
2 - I forked this collection into my personal workspace
3 - I created a new request in my forked collection and created a pull request

Other team members can see my PR but are not able to see the changes as the source (my forked collection) is not visible for them

So, I shared my forked collection with the team workspace (and gave everyone Editor access):
Team members can now see the source but have no right to merge the PR.

I can’t see what to do to make it work…

Has anyone succeeded in introducing changes? I tried to do everything as it was recommended in the start post but it does not seem to work properly for me. I would like to have this application for my company but I will need a detailed guide. Please redirect me to the source with this information. We are based on the map of area code 512. The program seems perfect for our team. We are keen to try it.