Forking + Merging: A Conflict Resolution Solution

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This new feature unfortunately has a bug.

  • Merge - first merge change order of request. Second merge resolves this issue
  • Pull changes - change requests order - no possibility to do second pull

Both issues cause that it is almost useless because order of requests is very important

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Hey could you share the issue that you’re seeing on our GitHub issues page?


Hey. My collegue added bug on github

Is there a way to abandon a fork?

  • If I attempt to merge an unchanged fork, Postman notices the absence of changes and does not give me the option to merge and delete the fork.
  • When I select “Remove from workspace,” the confirmation message makes it look like the entire collection, base and all, would be removed. That would definitely ruin my day. If only the fork would be removed, the message should so indicate.

When you’re selecting a collection to run in Collection Runner, forked collections have multiple entries with identical names. There’s no way to determine which is the base and no way to distinguish among multiple forks. The fork name should be included somewhere.

In fact, Collection Runner appears to be confused, too. My collection has nested folders. If I select the innermost folder containing modified requests in the branch, I get the results I expect. If I select either a containing folder in the branch or the collection branch, runner appears to run requests in the base collection.

Hey JessePelton thanks for your feedback! I’ll pass this along to our team but in the meantime would you mind posting this to our GitHub issues page so we can better track what you’re seeing?