Merging after a Change has already been made

Hi there, I’m having an issue with version control in Postman. I’m using the Free version, so that may be the cause of the struggle but I haven’t been able to find out if that’s the case, yet.


Origin Collection has 2 Forks with a Tester 1 tag and a Tester 2 tag.

Tester 1 merges a change to the Origin collection.
Tester 2 doesn’t have this change, but needs to merge their change to the Origin collection.

When Tester 2 comes to “Pull Changes” from the Origin collection, so both changes from Tester 1 and Tester 2 can be merged together in the Origin collection, this isn’t possible.

"Pull Changes" seems to make you pick the Changes made in Origin, OR add the changes from Tester 2 which will undo the changes initially made by Tester 1.

Why can’t I Pull changes and Add Tester 2’s changes on top of Tester 1’s changes?

I’ve searched articles/blogs, GitHub and Youtube and I can’t seem to find this even brought up anywhere so I figured I must be missing something that everyone else has no issue with. (Tell a lie, I did find a Youtube video explaining Fork + Merge, and they do the same thing I’ m trying to do and it didn’t work and they blamed it on connection issues…so…yeah.)

Any advice/help? Would be really appreciated as I don’t see the point using Fork & Merge if I can’t get this to work.

Hi @LiamC,

Could you give more details on the type of changes Tester 1 and Tester 2 are doing? I just tried running the scenario you describe with Tester 1 changing the request type and Tester 2 adding a body and I was able to pull the changes from Origin before merging the changes from Tester 2 without any problem.

Sure, so here is what Origin looks like:

Tester 1’s Changes, literally a comment line:

Merge these changes to the Origin:

Tester 2 wants to merge their changes made to the origin too:

Conflict, requires Tester 2 to Pull the changes made by Tester 1:

Whichever change you pick Source OR Destination, it will get rid of the other and when you click Pull, it’ll overwrite whatever change you didn’t pick, for example - now the Origin will ONLY have Tester 2’s changes:

I must be missing something, because ‘Pull Changes’ basically does nothing for me right now except overwrite something.

Postman’s official video demo-ing this couldn’t even do it on screen, and instead said it was down to a connection issue:

Around @26:00 in the video.

This is indeed not feasible as we don’t handle merging the content of a file yet. I have opened a feature request here, feel free to complete if I have missed anything. :slight_smile:

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