How can I delete my account?

I created an account since it is required to use my collections but after logging in I found that my collections are still not available.
Since my data is gone I have no need to use Postman anymore and I have no use for this account. I would like to delete it but I found no option to do so in my profile/account settings.
How can I delete this account?

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Hey @aerospace-geologis14 :wave:

Your Scratchpad data is very much still there and accessible. After creating your account, did you see the user dismisable popup in the top right of the app, explaining where your data is located?

To also answer to original question:

:warning: By deleting your account, all of your local Scratch Pad data will also be permanently deleted.

If you navigate to - this will give you the option to delete your account.

Thank you for the helpful information.
I did in fact see the popup you mentioned. It appeared after I used the Migrate data menu option.