Created an account and lost all Collections and Environments

I had been using Postman without an account and had a lot of data in terms of Collections and Environments. Today, after I upgraded the MacOS version and restarted the laptop, the Postman app forced me to create an account which I did. However, after creating the account, I do not see my Collections and Environments anymore. All I see is some history of the requests I made recently but that does not help. I lost all the data. How can I restore it?

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Your data from Scratchpad is safe.

Once signed in, you can Migrate all your Scratchpad data into a new Workspace using āš™ļø > Settings > Data > Migrate data menu option and contiune using Collections, Environments and all the other Postman features.

Iā€™m going to close this topic as there are several similar questions that have already been asked.