Lost all my collections after creating account

There was a warning coming for scratchpad getting deprovisioned. I had to create account to further use postman. I lost all my collections (had many of them). Is there a way to get them all back. Please help as I didn’t expect to lose my data after creating account (neither there was any warning about it)

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Hey @majhwar :wave:

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Just doing a super quick search of the forum would have provided you with the solution here. It’s a hot topic. :grimacing:

As you have signed into an account, you can use ⚙️ > Settings > Data > Migrate data this will bring all of your Scratchpad data into a Workspace.

After you signed up, did you not see a popup in the top right of the app, informing you where to access your data?

Hi Danny,

Thanks a ton! It worked.

I think I must’ve ignored the popup. I was in total shock after seeing my data disappear. Thanks once again for such a quick response and ultimately saving my day!

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