I can not set font size bigger in Postman ->Settings

Installing Postman under Kubuntu 18 I have very small fonts

I set font family and fonts size under Setting : Screenshot by Lightshot
I do not see any buttons like Save/Apply on this page.

So I have the same small fonts…
How can I change it ?


Hi @nilovsergey! Welcome to the community :wave:

I understand you are trying to enlarge the font size in the UI of the native app, is that correct?

The font size setting in the Editor setting is only applied for Test Scripts, Pre-request Scripts, and Response Pretty View, but not for the whole user interface.

I found a similar issue having been discussed here - You can enlarge the font by the shortcut as shown below (please check Settings > Shortcuts for your OS):

I hope this helps!

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Yes Ctrl++, Ctrl± works, if not use ‘+’/’-’ under Num Lock! Also now text on pane seems rather pale for me. Can I make it darker ?

Hey @nilovsergey!

I don’t think there is any setting in Postman to control the font colour.
Having said that, you might be able to control the colour contrast etc by monitor setting, e.g.

Hope this helps!