Text Color Change in one of the Postman updates

I use the dark theme when using postman

There was a release of Postman a few months ago (v7.3.4, i think) that changed the response body text color from green and yellow to blue and red.

I have a very difficult time reading the blue and red text, and have been moving to an older version to try and compensate for this.

But when I close postman it keeps updating to the newer version and changing the text color… I think because it is a minor version upgrade, i do have upgrade disabled.

I was wondering if there is a way to disable the upgrade some how?

I do have settings major update disabled.

Or is there a way to change the text color back as it is very difficult to read the red text in the response body now.


Sample picture of the difference in the text.

The response body in red and blue is the part i have a hard time reading.

On an early version it was the same color as the request body

And I recently switched for a Mac to a Windows machine.

I had the old version of Postman downloaded on the MAC 7.2.2 I think,

I can’t download it for windows on the website

So on my windows I don’t even have the option of rolling back to the old load.