Help required in recovering the deleted folder from personal collection


I accidentally deleted a folder, in my personal collection just few minutes ago. I already checked my trash from web view, It is not there to recover it. Is there any other way to recover please? Or should I need to wait to reflect. I am using normal postman and not pro or enterprise version. Please help me.

On the free Postman version, a deleted collection should remain in your trash for 1 day. Is it possible you removed the collection from the workspace (instead of deleting it altogether)? Here’s how to verify:

Hi Joyce,

Thanks for the quick response!

I checked in the trash and even on web console. It was not there. I think I deleted it instead of removing. The situation was I press delete on a folder - so if that means I removed or deleted?

I can’t tell from your reply if you looked under View all collections. Can you please verify that you didn’t REMOVE the collection from the workspace? This is different than deleting the collection, so you wouldn’t find it in the trashcan. Can you please double check?

If your collection seems deleted and you are not able to recover from your deleted collections list, it is possible it is removed from a workspace rather than deleted. To check, navigate back to the main page of the web dashboard, then click View all collections . If listed, you can click on its share icon to move it back into a personal or shared workspace.

Hello @joyce SOS! HELP! I’m trying to recover folders I deleted from inside a collection I shared to another personal workspace. I didn’t know that deleting them in one workspace removes them from all. I did follow the instructions, it’s not in Trash, not in any collection on any workspace., even when Iview all spaces, the deleted ones are gone from the collections. I took a screen shot for reference: