SOS! How do I recover deleted folder?

I recently deleted some folders and requests after I shared the folder from My Workspace to another, not knowing that it would remove the items from the collection.

I have go to Trash and found this:

I checked View All Workspaces and the items were gone from all collections on all workspaces.

I went back to my main workspace and saw this:

I looked in the activity area to try and restore, but I couldn’t do that. All I found was tags of what was deleted here:

I followed instructions to ind the local copy on my computer to try and recover from there.

All the instructions I’ve found have not worked.

Can someone please help me find how I can get these back?

@rarebear3384 Sorry that this happened. I know I have done it before myself, I had a copy I was able to pull from so I recovered.

Deleting a folder from a collection would not display in the Trash, only collections.
That being said, if those requests you how highlighted in the second screenshot are still in the workspace window, then you should be able to just save them again. If you closed those tabs, then you may be out of luck sadly :frowning:

Good luck

Have you tried emailing Postman themselves, they have in the past recovered accidentally deleted collections etc.

They used to have a support email address but I can’t find that anywhere on their website.
Try their general enquiries email instead:

The support email address is @rarebear3384, you can try writing to suppport.

Though, going by what you have posted, unless you have the tabs still open and are able to save them, this may be a tough spot to be in. :frowning:


I tryied sending an email to postman helping team but the solution was only for paid users: