Getting Summary Results in GitHub Actions

When using GitHub Actions with the most recent method of running from CLI: “curl -o- “” | sh”

How do I then take the results object and use it in later steps?

Using CLI locally I can use and then use the summary object to get key information like Pass or Fail or total Assertions.

All I need is for enough info to send either a Pass or Fail via Google Chat notificaitons once the run is done. Currently it only works when the collection passes, if it fails then I get no notification.

Something like this:

  - name: Execute Nightly E2E Tests
    continue-on-error: true
    run: |
      postman collection run "BuNcHoFnUmBeRs" -e "BuNcHoFnUmBeRs"
      POSTMAN_API_KEY: ${{ secrets.POSTMAN_API_KEY }}

  - name: Notify Google Chat On Completion
    uses: Co-qn/google-chat-notification@v1
    continue-on-error: true
      name: 'Postman E2E Tests:'
      url: ${{ secrets.GCHAT_URL }}
      status: ${{ job.status }}


Hey @chrisevolveyou :wave:

Those are 2 different packages/tools for running Collections from the command line.

Newman outputs this information from the object when using certain on events but the Postman CLI doesn’t work in the same way and isn’t available as a library like Newman.

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