How to retrieve the results of a Postman execution?

We execute Postman tests by using Postman CLI (from Azure DevOps pipeline) : execution is working fine; we are able to see the results in Postman;
now we would like to be able to retrieve the run results corresponding to the tests just executed but we could not find the way to export by code the run results (no API found or Postman CLI command found);
we expected to be able to retrieve run results in format like JUNIT/XML for example (same as Newman does);
thanks for help.

Hey @supply-geoscientis19 :wave:

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The Postman CLI currently doesn’t the capability to use external reports in the way that Newman does.

The results will be either in the Terminal or if connected through the login process, in the Collection Run History within the UI.

There is an open feature request for this on out Github Issue Tracker.

hi @danny-dainton : thank for the quick (but disappointing :grimacing:) answer; i will follow this ticket on github;