Galaxy API Adoption final test collection

Im still failing on this final step i made all the correct steps updating the workspace value from headers in my test collection request and then copy my public link in the request address and click send but it still faills if someone can help with me, I will appreciate
And this how my request looks like

Hi @JoseLedezma welcome to the community :slight_smile:

Have you solved this issue?

If not the point you are missing here is instead of giving the workspace url you have provide the collection public link, change that and it should work :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot Jency. That helped me a lot. I was using the wrong workspace url

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@jency.stella19 Thanks for your answer this helped me as well

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Dear all,
I have the same issue. However I fill in the right workspace value. Would you mind checking my collection ?


Note the above issue has been solved in a related thread:

Thank you very much. :blush:

@neilstudd @jency.stella19 @ibrahimjassat @JoseLedezma @malkico60 @JoseLedezma

Hoping that someone can assist me on this…Thanks in advance.

One of the final test is failing and error is:

Published workspace (included in Headers ‘workspace’ param) | AssertionError: expected ‘’ to have a length above 0 but got 0

//published workspace
pm.test(“Published workspace (included in Headers ‘workspace’ param)”, () => {
let params=pm.response.json().item[1].item[1].request.header[0];
//console.log( Print for test: ${params} );

Any feedback would be appreciated. Also, can someone send me the sample of the workspace link?

I understand that the test is for:

So, when I printed: console.log(pm.response.json().item[1]);

name: “Complete submission”
item: [2]
id: “19f907be-84f4-4b69-899a-fc9c5576c092”
description: "Complete your submission for the Galaxy API Adoption badge using the two requests in this final folder:

This means that item: [1] is not even coming in the response. but I am not sure why?