Galaxy APIs 101

I have completed all the steps but while submitting i am getting this error. Please can anyone help me?

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I’m having the same error. This is my 4th time going through the Galaxy API 101 course following exactly each and every step in the collection.

But when I finish and try to check progress, I get this error.
Can someone help with this problem?


This is because you are submitting to the wrong URL.

You are submitting to the workspace page. Which will return an HTML page.

If you submit correctly to the collection API, it returns a JSON object.

The first line in the Tests tab for the submit request parses the JSON response into a JavaScript object.

Because the response is a HTML page instead, it is failing catastrophically.

You need to select “Get Collection JSON using Collection Access Key” when you get to this screen.



@mdjones Thank you so very much.
I tried this and it worked.