Galaxy API Adoption final test collection

Thanks, @randyroman for your response…followed the instructions to place the workspace URL as a parameter value…not sure what I a missing.
Publick Workspace: Postman

Appreciate your help.

I am facing a similar issue, is your issue resolved?

@neilstudd @jency.stella19 @ibrahimjassat @JoseLedezma @malkico60 @JoseLedezma

Team, I am still facing the issue and am one step away from submission it would be great if anyone can look into this.

The public workspace for me shows as;

Try that as your header value.

(looks like you changed your team name? maybe that caused you an issue?)

Hi. Sorry, i have question. I complete 3 course “Galaxy”: 1) API 100, 2) Testing, 3) Adoption. First 2 course i finish for Google-form: write link and send “Submit”. Last course “Adoption” i finish in last request course. I push “Send” and see text “OK”. Its normal or i must finish this course someting else?

You should see a completion page in the visualizer tab.

I see this page, bad i think 2 of 3 course ending special link + google-form + insert link of my collection. And only 1 of 3 just print “complete” and 6/6 test ok. Right now i understand = this is normal. My math brain little broken))) Thanks for you answer, bro.

hello, i have similar problem. Fail one test.

how i can solve?