How to assign Flow Permissions

I am currently the admin for my workspace, but am unable to create flows.

When I attempt to create a flow I receive the following error message, “You do not have the necessary permissions to create Flows”.

I am unable to find where in settings I need to be to assign myself the “Flow Editor” role. Can someone direct me?

This occurs on both the desktop app / web interface. Im running Ubuntu.

Does this help?

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Also remember if you have Professional plan it’s an add-on you have to license first.

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That’s it!

Spent a couple of hours on this and just now realized its something that requires the professional tier. We are just on the basic!

Thank you for your assistance!

Sounds like a sale opp for Postman though. Instead of having me run around in circles trying to figure out why I couldnt create a flow. There could of been a “buy it here” link :wink:

Yeah, Postman Flows isn’t currently available in the Basic and Enterprise plans. So that would definitely trip you up.

If you need to try Flows, sign up for a personal Free account, which does have Flows enabled until you can get a license via the Professional plan.

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