Not possible to add "Flows" Tab to the sidebar

Hey, I have been using the free version of Postman for while.
Now I want to start using Flows, but I have this really dumb problem, that I just cannot access my flows. Creating a new Flow is no problem, but I cannot add the Flows tab to my sidebar, so finding them again is impossible after closing.

Is this because I am using the free version? But according to the website I should be able to use Flows with up to 3 people.

Details (like screenshots):

I’ve already tried:
Using the Web Version

Updating Postman to the latest version

Logging out and in again

Restarting the app

Hey @johannesbreitenbach you are absolutely right, flow is available for free users. Only basic and enterprise teams are currently not enabled. Let me check with the team what is going on here.

Meanwhile can you let me know what your billing page shows?

This is what it currently looks like.

But now it somehow works in the web app! I did not do anything differently :man_shrugging: Mac app still does not show the tab :confused:

My Team is also experiencing this issue, we can still search for our Flows and access them… but we no longer have the Sidebar button to look at the list of Flows we have created. Please help!


Hey @satellite-geologist9 :wave:

Great to have you in the Community Forum :postman:

Would it possible for you to reach out to the our support team directly on, please.

We’ll be able to get the assistance you need here. :pray: