Disable Sync by Admin

My company will not allow any data to be stored in the Cloud. Is there a way for an Admin to ‘Disable Sync’ when Postman is installed and not let the user re-enable it?


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Hi @friebz! There is currently no way to force-disable sync for accounts within a team, however, you do have a few options you can utilize:

  1. Have your team members agree to not enable sync at any point.
  2. Have your team members agree to not log into the app at any point.
  3. Request that your IT team block any URL that’s sync-*.getpostman.com (by only blocking the URLs that start with sync-, you’ll still have access to our documentation, blogs, downloads etc).

Please note that multiple Postman features and services are reliant on having sync enabled, so you will not be able to use them by disabling it (including but not limited to: monitoring, generated docs, and team sharing).