Postman Pro environment syncing

Does Postman Pro allow you to disable syncing of environments? If not is there an alternate method to keeping sensitive data local while still using a team workspace?

Turning sync off isn’t possible but we added the notion of Sessions in a previous release that enables you to store sensitive information (API keys, tokens, etc) as environment variables that aren’t synced.

tl;dr – Store your sensitive data within the Current Values field in the environment template so that it isn’t synced.

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Thanks for the response. Can you clarify a couple of things?
Is the CURRENT VALUE not synced?
Should I avoid putting sensitive information in INITIAL VALUE?

Per company policy these values can’t be stored anywhere that is backed up the the cloud. Ideally we would have our environments stored only locally, and a team workspace that is synced.

Thank you.

@Kristian Bumping an old thread. Data in Current Value is not synced to Postman’s servers. It is a common security practice to store passwords/keys/tokens in Current Value, and use the Initial Value column as a placeholder.

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