Where is my Postman data when signing out of my account

I have used postman for a while and I built a considerable number of collections over time. After an upgrade I was strongly encouraged, if not forced to sign up for a postman cloud account. Just to go around the nagging I did, using a gmail that I hardly ever use.

When I occasionally use postman now it asks me for a password that I hardly ever remember. I do not need a cloud account. So I signed out and postman wiped out all my data.

This is UNACCEPTABLE. I have never authorized postman to delete all my data, nor to upload the data I built over time before signing up for their account into their cloud. My data is mine, it does not belong to Postman. What is even more disturbing is that Postman took the liberty to delete all my local data without my authorization.

This practice is in clear violation of GDPR (I am based in Europe).
Postman must absolutely amend their practice. In the meantime I will report them to the authorities because this is a clear GDPR violation.

I invite everyone to report this violation here:

And if you are UK based here:

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No data has been wiped or deleted. You can export your data using the ⚙️ > Settings > Data menu option,from your signed in account. This will allow you to Export all of your data.

You would have also been presented with this during the update where you can choose the option that was right for you and your context.

Just to confirm that you read and agreed to the Postman privacy policy when signing up for your account.

In terms of security and GDPR - You can find all the information regarding this and of all the latest compliance reports here:

So you are saying that my data is gone and I just imagined it, like many other users who reported the same problem. Postman should not hide behind smallprint, they must respect users’ privacy. If I sign out of my account I expect my data to be still there without any exporting and re-importing, including my history data. Postman cannot wipe out my LOCAL data. Postman should not even have access to my LOCAL data.

I didn’t say that it’s gone.

Have you signed back into your account and Exported the data? Or opened the Lightweight API Client (Signed out version) and Exported the data?

If not done so already, the Scratch Pad data can be migrated into a Workspace and you can continue to use Postman Collections/Environments and the other features.

Exporting my collection is useless because the only way to import them is to sign up for an account and then sign in. I think that it is unacceptable to force users to sign up for your account.

I want to downgrade to an earlier version that allowed me to work totally offline. Please can you let me know what is the latest version that does not force users to sign up for your cloud account and let me have the link?

You’re not being forced to create an account, the choice to do that is completely up to you.

The option is there for you to Export your data from the platform, if signing up for an account doesn’t work in your context.

You currently have a free account already, what’s preventing you from continuing to make use of that?

You can use Postman in an offline/non signed out state with our Lightweight API Client. However, to make use of the Collections, Environments and all the other feature available to you for free, you would be required to be signed in.

Concerns for my privacy prevent me from continuing to use your cloud account, which isn’t free as you say. It has a cost, too high for me, to give up my privacy.

In practical terms you want me to give up my privacy for the privilege of continuing to use collections. I will not be bullied to do so. Not by Postman nor anyone else.

If you require more security and privacy based information and a set of FAQs, you can find that here:

Here is the regulation and compliance information that we have obtained and our continuously audited against:

You can download and review all the latest security reports from here:

If you need more granular information or specific questions answered, please reach out to us at help@postman.com.