Day 16 burned through my available API Calls?

Hi Postman Team and Fellows,
I’m having a lot of fun recently with the Content you created!
I did the Student Expert Program and I’m currently doing the 30 Day Postman Challenge.
At the moment I’m at Day 16.

Unfortunately I’m not able to send Cloud Calls anymore and the reset will take until Feb 24th (Screenshot attached).

This is my public URL:

Is it possible to reset my Cloud Limit for furhter Training purposes?
Is there any other way to reset my Cloud Limit? (Student Program or something like that?)

This would be very kind of you!

I think the Pagination Task burned all my credits because they just stopped at ~350 … which probably means I did 350 API Calls just in this exercise?

Thanks for any help!

Hey @doyouknowmarc, welcome to the Postman community forum!

You can download and install the desktop agent from our Downloads page, this will allow you to have calls routed through your network instead of Postman’s cloud, and therefore will not hit the limit:

Is this (or waiting) the only way?
is there something like an iPad App which does the same?

Although the Desktop App seems generaly like a good way to go - I’m not allowed to install it due to our policies.

Worst-Case would be to get an old private desktop maschine :confused:

The other option is to upgrade to a paid tier as each has its own limit, e.g.:

  • Basic: 10k calls
  • Pro: 100k calls
  • Enterprise: 1M calls

We’ve seen people having more chance getting the desktop agent approved by their company to be used on their machine so that may be worth a try too!

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