15 Days of postman. Request for day 13 returns an error

Hello! I have a problem with day 13 of “15 days of Postman - for testers” challenge:

I recive 403 error.
Here is an error from web page:

I got an error when visiting icanhazdadjoke.com/.
Error code: 1020
Ray ID: 79c87b4928065c0e
Country: RU
Data center: fra03
Timestamp: 2023-02-20 16:05:03 UTC

Web page works if I use VPN

*Is it connected with the fact that I am currently in Russia?

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I can still access that API ok.

The only thing you have to setup is the Accept code to be “application/json” which you have done.

Therefore I can only assume that the location is the issue and the VPN would be the workaround.

@michaelderekjones Unfortunately, I can use only desktop agent since I have reached the monthly limit of cloud agent on the previous challenge :frowning:
As I understand, vpn + cloud agent will fix my problem?

It’s all according to what type of VPN you are using.

If you use a full VPN where all of the traffic goes down the VPN tunnel (including port 80 and 443), then the desktop agent should work.

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@michaelderekjones thank you! I’ve found a full vpn and everything works now

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