Any suggestions on how to complete the Postman Challenges once after reaching the usage limits for scheduled runs

Hello all,

Any suggestions on how to finish postman challenge requiring the use of Runner if you have reached the maximum limit for scheduled runs , also on the cloud?


Is it the scheduled runs, or the collection runner limits?

I did mention that the new limits for the collection runs are going to affect the training courses and challenges which use the collection runner for various aspects.

Therefore its hard to complete the courses in one month if you are on a free or basic licence.

The whole point of the training and challenges is so you can understand if Postman is the right tool for you. If you can’t complete the basic training, then I’d hazard a guess that quite a few people will just give up at this point and potentially look at alternatives.

Guess this is one for the Postman staff to respond to.


Looks like I ran out of all kinds of run! Didn’t pay attention to the usage limit on the free plan. Finished the 30 day challenge and all the tests pass locally. But couldn’t test the one’s where the Runner was required.

Anyways. great learning experience and would be awesome if I get the badge too:)