You have reached your cloud agent usage limit

Hi, I am doing 30 day of developer awesome challenge. I am at sweet 16th day of my challenge but getting following error message in console
Error: You have reached your cloud agent usage limit
How can i move forward. Please help, else my efforts of last 15 days will be lost.
Also want to add that as per this challenge guidelines it was stated to call a particular api till you don’t get unsuccessful response. I think that part only exhausted limits :sob:
Please guide with steps to mitigate same.
Attaching snippet below:

If you check the menu at the bottom right of the UI, you should see the agent that’s selected.

Clicking on this should give you the option to select the Desktop Agent and continue making requests from the web.

Alternatively, you can continue your progress from inside the app, which shouldn’t give you any issue making requests.


Hey @dannydainton , Thanks a lot for the prompt response, and going extra mile by adding snapshot for clear instructions. I also followed the same step before but didn’t downloaded the agent, But now my issue is fully resolved.
Good day!

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