30 days of Postman - for developers Challenge Completed!

After few days of hard work, I have completed the challenge! I submitted my PR to the leaderboard, so now I’m Waiting for official verification! :partying_face:

Thank you Postman, this training is awesome and taught me a lot of stuff I didn’t know, including the correct usage of mock servers, APIs and what pre-request scripts and test scripts are capable of. The progress is generally smooth. I’m already a Postman Student Expert, so I would say: Another Challenge Completed! Yay!

Hi reviewers, will I be the first one to complete the challenge? I’ll be very proud if that’s the case.

Here is my PR screenshot:


Awesome work @zach :trophy:

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Nice job! I’m at day 15 myself - I didn’t want to go too fast, but now there are names appearing on the leaderboard then I will accelerate too :smiley:

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Great work Zach! You’ve sparked me to kick into a higher gear! I’m on day 9.

See everyone at the finish line!


Thanks @dannydainton! Your team did a really great job in the training! I’m indeed interested in joining the developer team in Postman :laughing:


You can pass all the thanks onto @joyce for all the awesome 30 Days goodness! :trophy:


Great job Zach! Awesome to see folks enjoying and completing the course :slight_smile:

And we’re always hiring! Feel free to take a look at our open positions on our careers page!