Input file for collection runner - JSON - with double quotes

I am trying to create an input file to use with collection runner.
My file looks like this:

“SKU”: “8418493”,
“price”: 4.99,
“shipping”: 7.40,
“subtotal”: 12.39,
“taxExemptDesc”: “Province”,
“taxExemptStatus”: “6”,
“shippingCountry”: “CA”,
“shippingProvince”: “MB”

When I use the file, the double quotes are removed in the Request body and therefore fails.
How can I keep the double quotes in the request?

@jocelynayson1979 I guess, in your request body you probably have something like this:

  id: {{SKU}},
  price: {{price}}

You can add quotes around the variables and it should work for you, like so:

	id: "{{SKU}}",
	price: "{{price}}"

If this doesn’t work for you, can you share the request body here?