"Collections Runner" is not POSTing quotes


i’m trying to use a CSV file to enter data in a collection.
in the preview, the file is parsed correctly, and putting quotes around string values.
however, the posts fail (return status 400) because my API is not receiving strings in quotes.

the same POST request in Postman itself (using environmental variables to test it) does work, so there are no other issues to the POST request

Hey @Efari

Would you be able to show the request body that you have and how those variables are set, please?

Depending on the value types needed for that endpoint, I would wrap them in quotes "{{var_name}}" rather than the way you have it currently, save the request again and then run it again.

That should hopefully solve this issue.

miraculously, that does solve it.
But that just seems wrong to do!!!
now it looks as if i want to post with the literal strings {{Name}}
Postman even visually formats it as a string (same as a normal key/value pair) , so imo this has to be changed.