Constantly "syncing" and frequent "resolve sync conflicts" modals

For about a week it seems my Postman is constantly showing “syncing” with the blue icon. It also frequently pops up a modal asking me to “RESOLVE SYNC CONFLICTS” with a single conflict for a “history” item type and the value in question is an empty string for both local and server. I always hit the “Resync” button. It pops up multiple times per hour and is quite annoying.

I’m using Postman Version 6.0.10 (6.0.10) on Mac 10.12.6


Had a similar problem, just it would revert all my work back, and I would loose my progress. So I have turned off syncing. On never versions of postman you can only turn off postman if you’re logged out.
So it’s more like a temporary fix

Is this the issue you’re experiencing?

Thanks, that’s the issue.

According to the github issue there’s a fix in the canary channel:

Moving to canary might not be the correct choice for some people but I think I’ll give it a go. Hopefully the fix will be available in the stable channel soon.