Confused by API limits

My question:
Hi everyone, I am a bit confused by the number of API calls per license, see image below. I have a team with 26 Basic license, so I should have either 100 calls or 2600 calls ? But It seems I have 10000 available calls.
Questions :
-Are those calls per month ?
-How is the upper limit calculated ? Per seat, per team, per type of license ?

  • Is this limit going to change with the recent changes to Basic collection runs ? (Seems not but better safe than sorry)

Details (like screenshots):


Basic is 10x calls (this means 10,000). Scroll down the page and this is a bit clearer.

This does not relate to the Local Collection Runner limit which is currently being raised in several threads.

As far as Iā€™m aware, these limits are per user, not team.

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