[Basic license] Run limit exceeded, but still usable


Our company has a basic license for 32 users.
One of the user reached out to say that he can’t run a folder or a collection anymore.

We know the basic plan has a limit of 25 run per user / per month, or 250 per month for the whole team.

It is confirmed in the ressource usage that we went way above the limit


What I do not understand is that if I try to run a folder, indeed it says I am above the limit

but I can still click on the run button and the folder is ran effectively, increasing the total number.
I also ran it more than 25 times to ensure it was not related to the 25 per user limit.

I’m using the standalone application (up to date) and all runs are “Run manually”

Does anyone know how this works ?
Should I not be able to run it ?
Is there some settings in the billing configuration allowing to go past the 25 limit that I didn’t see ?

Thank you
Best regards,

Hi @science-geoscienti18 !

Thank you for reaching out about this. The basic plan has a limit of 25 runs per team per month. So if the team has 10 members, 25 runs per month is available for all 10 folks inclusive. It is not 25 runs per user.

As for the limits being over the cap, we have an unblocking experience in the app itself that allows users to get 20 more runs if they engage with some content when they are blocked. I think that may be what is giving you these additional runs over the cap.

If you can send me your team domain name, (This is the part of the URL your team sees when logging in. For example, the Developer Relations team name is “devrel” from this URL: https://devrel.postman.co/), I can have support check into this and we’ll let you know if that has been the case :slight_smile:

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