Completed my Galaxy Testing and Automation course. didn't received any badge from postman

I completed Galaxy Testing and Automation Course. i filled the form for badge. it been 8 days, didn’t get any response. after submit , do we get any mail from postman.
can you plz help @abhiram.haritas @suesmith @jency.stella19 @bpricilla

@VinayP2a1 Good Job :partying_face:

Once you submitted, it will take three to four weeks for the verification and then the badge will be provided.

Also I believe due to the popularity of the courses, they might be receiving high volume :blush:

Hope all your tests are passed before submitting, if so nothing else required from your side, please be little bit patient and hold tight.


Hi @VinayP2a1 - congrats on finishing the course! It can take several weeks to process badges. We just awarded some this morning so yours is on your profile now :slight_smile: I believe you’ll also get an email from Badgr.



Thanks leader @hannah.neil


Hi @VinayP2a1 - Way to go on completing the course! I see you have your Postman API Tester badge on here on Discourse, nice!

You should have also received an email from Badgr for your badge. If you don’t see it, please check your spam folder! We’ve run into a few instances where the email from Badgr awarding the badge has gone to the spam folder. If you’re still not seeing it, just respond here and we’ll make sure you get it :slight_smile:

And feel free to check out the other courses and earn some other badges if you’re interested!


Dear @bpricilla ,
I submitted my Galaxy API adoption collection two weeks ago and filled in the form. However,
I haven’t received my badge until now. Also, when the form was submitted I did not receive an E-mail which confirm that the form was sent. How long will it take to get the badge ?

Hi @malkico60! Thanks for your patience. I can verify that you were issued a badge earlier today! If you don’t see it, please check your spam folder, as emails from Badgr can unfortunately end up there sometimes :slight_smile:

Congrats on earning the badge!


Hi Guys,

Please confirm me I have finished the Galaxy testing and Automation course below is my collection URL

when can I get the POSTMAN API tester badge

Results screenshot attached is this correct or do I need to do anything extra

Hey @Someshwar123

Have you submitted that Collection link via the form mentioned in the second passing test?
is this correct…? is this correct…?

If that’s where the link takes you :smiley:

Add your email address, paste the Collection link and hit Submit :trophy:

Yes, I did that but my worry is is response of the collection is correct or not…?

Not sure what you mean…

Have you completed all the items in the training and your collection is passing?

If so, that’s all you need. The team will then check the submission and process the badge. This can take up to 2 weeks.