15 days challenge submission



I have submitted the challenge without any issue on Monday, 23rd Oct, but still not received any notifications from postman community.


Hi @apeksha-dalvi !

Please allow some time for your submission to be processed. Can you confirm you have supplied a valid email and nothing has landed in your spam inbox?

Hello Kevin,

Yes I have provided the valid email id and nothing has been received in spam folder.

I do not see your submission in our backend @apeksha-dalvi, however I can see your submission for our Galaxy API Tester course.

Can you re-submit using the link sent with day 15?

Plz find the attached response for all the 3submit requests, it shows 200 as status code. Guide me if still any task is pending from my side.


Hello Kevin,
any updates or I need to perform any other task to avail the 15 days badge. kindly confirm.

Did you navigate to the location URL in the response, using a browser not Postman, on the first screenshot and submit your Workspace?

I’m not seeing anything with your name or email address come through for that badge.

Thanks Danny for the prompt reply and solution. I was submitted it through the Postman so you were not able to see my request for the badge. Rectified the mistake so now you can view my submission request.

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