My postman badge for Galaxy APIs 101 is eagerly awaited!

How much time does it take, can’t I call my badge with an API, like get postman/badge :slight_smile: :smiley:

Hey @faisaldarbar

How long has it been since you submitted your work?

Hey @dannydainton

It has been lesser than 24 hours.

This isn’t an area that I’m able to help with, maybe @clairefro can help?

I know that previously, there was an up to 2 weeks turn around on the badges being given but there have been multiple changes to the process since then so I wouldn’t take that as the time frame. :smiley:

Hey @faisaldarbar ,

The badges were processed this morning, so you should have received your badge, along with 3 more emails telling you it was already awarded for each time you submitted it. :joy:

If you’re planning to submit for other badges, trust the process, it can take a few days. :wink:

@arlemi Yes, indeed received my badge and planning on achieving as many as possible. Now that I know the process, I promise not to be impatient next time around. Thanks :slight_smile:

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