Complete beginner

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Hi There!

Sorry if this is a completely stupid questions but I’ve only recently began my journey into using Postman.
I’ve spent a few months learning some programming with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I feel like everything is starting to fall into place and I’m having an easier and easier time learning more complex subjects, so I want to look at creating a banking app for my portfolio.
This app will just take data from the Natwest API, showing my bank transactions etc. I’ve found all the API’s I will need, but I can’t seem to get past the authentication. Everything I’ve read seems to need an app to authorise this API sending the data over. I don’t currently have an app, as I’ve only just began to try and connect to the API.

Is there anyway I can generate all the required information without having a fully fledged app? At the moment it looks like I need a Client ID and a Client Secret value.

Thanks in advance!

I believe the “App” refers to what is configured in Natwest, I just signed up and it looks like the attached screenshots… From here you should be able to load the API calls into postman and submit the Client ID and Client Secret.

These can be found in the developer dashboard (assuming you already set this up if you have the API’s).

In the dashboard click on your Application here;

You should see your auth info here;

Hope this helps.