Doubts on first steps on this app

Hi i am new at this kind of apps, so i got tons of doubts and actually i am not understanding at all the documentation about this app.

What i am trying to do is to start an endpoint connection i already own my link (it is to make a conection with vTiger) but i don’t understand how i have to set my log in information in this app. The url actually gives me back 14 headers so i am suposing at least the URL its right, but now what i do now?

I was reading this but i didn’t get it

also i’ve read this

sorry if it is a very noob kind question, but i am not getting it

Hi @mortiz! If your endpoint requires auth you will need to pass the details using the Authorization tab for the request in Postman. The type of auth will depend on how the endpoint is setup so you’ll need to refer to your API provider (vTiger) to find that out, typically there will be docs indicating how requests should be authenticated. Once you find that out our auth doc outlines how to use the different types of auth in Postman. Hope that helps!


Hi Sue.

Thanks for your answer, how couldn’t i notice something that simple. I am having now other issues, but as soon as i understand i will bother the community again.

So thanks again and have fun around n_n


Hi @mortiz,

Welcome to the community!

Firstly, we all have our doubts when just getting started, so I wouldn’t worry about it :smile:

We’re here to help in any way, and are not a bother!

Additionally, you can insert the Authorization header directly into the headers tab, and force it to be what it needs to be. But I wouldn’t recommend that, unless you are using a non standard type of authentication.

For the most part, you should be able to find the authentication in the authentication tab. If it’s Basic, that will take the username and the password, combine them with a colon, base64 encode that combined string, and set your Authorization header to “Basic {{encoded_string}}.

Let us know if you have any other questions!


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Too much thanks odanlewycz

As Sue and you said i found the Authorization tab, and also yeah it is Basic, i already added the user and password that vTiger genereated for apis but i am getting Status code 400 i add a printscreen

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Hm I’d maybe check you’re using the correct URL and method i.e. you’re using GET, might be worth checking with your provider if that’s the right type for the operation you’re trying to perform.