How can i see my collection saved in cloud success or not?

Each time when startup the postman, i got all my collections and all requests.
however after click sync, some of the request gone.
if reload workspace again or restart postman again, can see them again.

so how i check if those missed requests in cloud or not?

Hey @laurafangfang :wave:

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I’m not sure on the workflow here, what are you trying to achieve?

Are you able to provide some screenshot of a short recording of the behavior, please?

Your synced Collections and Request can also be access on our web platform ( if you needed something to do a comparison against.

hi @danny-dainton , thanks for your reply.
i have a request which can see in

and also can see it once click workspace loaded up in local. however, sometimes it missed on my collection and it shown “DELETED” in the script.

however, if i re-start postman, that script show up again.

not too sure what’s going on here, why it shown as deleted sometimes?

Hi @laurafangfang. That’s an unusual and a weird behavior.

I am not sure what could be going on here, but perhaps we could find something in your application logs.

Could you please forward this request with your application logs attached to our support team here. They’ll be able to take a closer look into your logs and account and provide you more support.

hi @gbadebo-bello thanks. sent a request to support center with log attached.
looking forward your reply.

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