Collections disappeared!

@Reklaw-UK Apologies for the inconvenience caused.

We are experiencing some downtime and our Engineering team is working quickly to get everything back up and running. We will keep you posted as soon as we have systems working as expected.


The status page has been updated:

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Here also, all collections are gone, on both the web interface and windows app.

Looks like I’ve got my Collections back, Thanks! :+1:

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Not sure if its the same issue but it looks like it could be. My imported collections are disappearing.

Postman’s Request log is full of errors like this example:

[9900][1638291139085][requester][error][“BaseSyncTimeline~getPendingServerChanges: Failed to sync a model”,{“model”:“collection”,“modelId”:“16935782-66320989-57b2-400f-a048-2298c9cd4c26”,“error”:{“name”:“instanceNotFoundError”,“message”:“We could not find the collection you are looking for”,“details”:{“model”:“collection”,“model_id”:“66320989-57b2-400f-a048-2298c9cd4c26”,“owner”:“16935782”}}}]
[9900][1638291139095][requester][warn][“Could not subscribe to collection:16935782-66320989-57b2-400f-a048-2298c9cd4c26”,{“name”:“Error”,“message”:“BaseSyncTimeline~getPendingServerChanges: Could not make /sync call. Exceeded maximum retry count for collection:16935782-66320989-57b2-400f-a048-2298c9cd4c26”,“stack”:“Error: BaseSyncTimeline~getPendingServerChanges: Could not make /sync call. Exceeded maximum retry count for collection:16935782-66320989-57b2-400f-a048-2298c9cd4c26\n at CollectionTimeline.getPendingServerChanges (file:///C:/Users/%USERNAME%/AppData/Local/Postman/app-9.0.9/resources/app.asar/js/vendor-shared.js:331459:13)\n at CollectionTimeline._sync (file:///C:/Users/%USERNAME%/AppData/Local/Postman/app-9.0.9/resources/app.asar/js/vendor-shared.js:330996:36)”}]

I was able to restore my local backup on Mac from /Users/{useraccount}/Library/Application Support/Postman/, which has a few json files named “backup” with a timestamp.

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2 collections is not showing in app and website.

The app show “collections (10)” but showing only 8 collections

I was able to restore my “disappeared” collections from Postman’s Trash bin.

Screen Shot 2021-12-23 at 2.03.54 PM

I solved by restoring backup data in C:\Users\USER\AppData\Roaming\Postman

I had the same problem this morning when I returned to my computer after an upgrade+reboot.

I found the Hardware Acceleration settings in the Postman dropdown (Mac) and turned it off, after the program restarted, all of my collections were visible and usable

Still happening in May 2022, v8.11.1…

I wasn’t able to retrieve my collection with any of the methods mentioned here (turning off hardware acceleration, looking in the trash bin, looking in “/Users/{useraccount}/Library/Application Support/Postman/”…).

Very disappointing. I would never expect shuch a widely-used app like Postman to misbehave like this.
I am on MacOS 12.3.1, upgraded to Postman v9.16.0 but my collections still aren’t there.

Still experiencing same thing today, my project collection is now gone, couldn’t get it back, Can anyone refer to other more stable app?

Halo, I faced the issue again. You can see that I commented to this post 2 February. It’s been 4 months until now.

And this just happened again and found this post again! Like Deja vu.
Unfortunately, the latest backup file is 1 week ago. I lost my important collections that I created last 3 days.

I think this issue will still happen in the future. Let’s see some months later.
For your reference, I have 89 local Collections and 48 Environments that is not connected to any account. Is it related to the load or stuff? Just like water of river that push a dam. It will break.

Is there a way to set the backup’s time? If not, maybe you can add this feature so we can backup all data as the user want. Weekly, monthly, or even daily. This can be one of solution.

Today is my third time. I think it’s related to computer memory.

Yesterday this happens to me, all collections disappears and newly created collections shows. The collections created through forking also disappears.

Strangely, the tabs I have opened from APIs in those disappeared collections still shows. I can also view the collections’ content through those tabs.

And today, everything just magically come back.

I assume it is an issue on the server side.