Postman 8 feedback

In dark mode, the contrast of color is not great. I have to switch to the light theme.

The new side bar takes up space so my test names can’t be fully displayed (omitted by …). When a test is selected and opened, the full path is supposed to show (now collection name / folder name / test name), because I have a relative long path, I can’t see full path there either.


Hey @wangh47

Would you mind providing some visual examples against the UI points you raised please?

In dark mode, failed tests are no longer in red. It’s in orange, similar color as controls on the view, eg. “Save Response”. I prefer failed tests are highlighted in red.

For the incomplete path, please see a dummy example below. The path is not fully shown on both screenshots:

BTW, I duplicated a test and tried to move it to another folder, the test disappeared. I duplicated it again and now both copies are shown.

The color contrast is really awful for colorblind folks like me.


This is literally the view I get, and that’s terrible. To find my failed test I can’t just have the green or red box like before, but have to scan each line for the color - or the small text - or I have to go to the failed tab.

Which is another issue. So, I now feel forced to use the fail tab, but when I go to the fail tab, I lose all context of where my api call happened. There’s no hover to get the collection/folder path to find my test, like existed in the prior version. Which means I’m forced to count how many tests down the failure is, and compare that to my run order. I know some of this I brought upon myself, since I have a lot of calls that named the same and are nested into folders all across my collections. Ultimately, if one of those ‘same name’ calls fail it’s extremely difficult to figure out where in my collection the failure occurred - both at a glance based on color, contrast, and default text size, but also when using the provided tabs.

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Hey @wangh47

I’ve raised an internal issue for the colour contrast on the Test Results as it does look slightly off when comparing that to the Red of the Insecure Connection Icon or the FAIL label.

I’m not really sure what you mean for the incomplete paths, there is a tooltip that shows if the path is not fullying shown. It would be tricky to should the full name everywhere, for each name in the UI.

Thanks, Danny. I see the tooltips but I prefer seeing as much as I could without having to hover over each test. Is it possible to hide the side bar (Collections, APIs, etc)? I am not using it a lot. Usually, when I am writing tests (95% of the time), I just need to keep “Collections” selected. I find the sidebar has taken much space and made the UI clunky. If it can be hidden, it can release some space and I can see more in the collection tree.

The UI has several panes which can be dragged and resized as well as collapsed to give you more space.

Here a quick demo of how to do that:

The sidebar takes much space when collections pane is open.

Is it possible to get this view?


Not currently - You can raise a Feature Request on our GH tracker if that’s something that you would like to see in the product.

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FR link: Ability to minimize sidebar in Postman v8 · Issue #9498 · postmanlabs/postman-app-support · GitHub

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Hey guys,

The v.8.0 of postman seems awesome. You definitely worked hard and did a lot of changes with a single release. :slight_smile:

However, I’m kinda nostalgic for the old runner that provided a lot more graphical information to the user, which I really liked. The current summary view seems quite empty for some reason:

Can someone please tell me what is the purpose of the right pane here, as it takes a lot of space without giving any useful information? I would really love to see some graph/stats at this empty space :slight_smile:


You’re only running a single iteration so you only have the summary view for that iteration.

If you were to run more, that would also appear here and full that space.

The additional information for the run can be found in the View Results section by using the button at the top of that view.

If you have long request names, and use the names in your assertions

pm.test( + " Status code is 200", function () {;


In the Run Summary view (Runner tab), the texts are overlapped.

Thanks for pointing this out, @wangh47! I’ve raised an internal issue to correct that overlapping text when expanding a long request name within an assertion in the Run Summary section.

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Any chance those examples are not auto-expanded? At least an option to collapse them (say, click the parent api again) should be provided.

Hi there,

Lot of great stuff we’ve found in Postman but moving to v8 seems to have caused a number of UI issues that we really need to address to improve usability. Two examples, running 5 separate folders which group our test. Now when you get the results, every single test is displayed in the same structure even though they are in different folders. When you have 100s of tests this isn’t very helpful I’m afraid. Yes I can mouse over the individual folders but again I don’t want to do this 100s of times. Can we get the name of the folder? Or at least the folders correctly indented according to their folder structure?

Secondly, the folders and tests displayed on the Right hand side panel have their test and folder names truncated which make them pretty hard to read. Again yes there is a mouse ove to view them but it’s a big issue if you have 100s indeed 1000s of tests. v7 didnt have this issue. Also if there is a fork of a collection the space is even more restricted. Sometimes to just 10-12 letters. Please advise if this will be fixed soon or if there is something I’m missing as this is a good product that could be potentially excellent with a few small but vital changes.

Hey @jyates

As you’re describing individual UI based issues, could you edit your post to include images of those areas and what the pain points are, please? :pray:t2:

Explaining things in the UI, in detail, is awesome but it makes the information come to life when there are pictures explaining the issues too. :trophy:

Sure @dannydainton , anything that helps you hopefully will help us! :slight_smile:


This is run from a top level folder which 5 separate folders. I cannot see which test applies to which folder (the folder is named with an overall name for a test). This level is relatively trivial but we run 100s of tests sometimes and it’s really hard to find which test is which and for which folder. Just want to be able to see the folder each is in without having to mouse over.

The second issue is definitely more straightforward in a way but is affecting us big time since using v8. The truncation of folders/tests in the side bar. Again we use a kind of simple business language to describe the folders for each tests and sometimes longer descriptions for the tests themselves. At present these are truncated when they get to any reasonable depth. We just want to be able to size the side bar according to our need. I have a wide screen monitor but I still cant expand beyond a certain limit. The simplest example is when I have a collection that is forked…


As you can see, this is pretty hard to work out what it’s for. This sort of thing is repeated for almost all of our tests that are 3/4 folders down.

As I said though, I’m a big fan of postman and would be loathe to give up using it because of what hopefully is a fixable but for us extremely important thing.

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Awesome - Appreciate you doing that.

In the first image of the runner, if you select the Run Results option, does that give you a closer view of what you’re after with the folder paths etc.

Hi there, actually no. It does give detail of the tests but not structure at all. It runs off the age of the page and keeps going even with a small number of tests. Really need them separated by folders… so downwards is…

And going across you have to find the directory and even then it’s truncated. So again with 100s of tests this is impractical:

So what we need is a simple folder icon with the folder name that divides up each group of tests that are held within that folder. So something like:

[folder icon]Folder A / Tests for ABC Product

  • GET Test 1
  • POST Test 2
  • GET Test 3

[folder icon]Folder B - Tests for XYZ Product

  • GET Test 1a
  • GET Test 2
  • GET Test 7

So essentially what you have just with folders showing the structure… so it’s easy to locate the tests by folder rather than having to scroll through them all.

The bigger issue is really the truncation of the side bar names. If that could be sorted then you’d immediately make my job of selling the use of Postman here to other teams much easier! :slight_smile: