Collection Panel Width

Hi There,

Does anyone know a way of overriding the maximum width of the collection panel. Recently I’ve noticed that the width of the panel is not wide enough for me to read the names of my requests without having to click on them and check it on the request itself.

I think it’s more of an issue for me as I have nested folders in my collections which restricts the width more. For example, They can be 3 for 4 levels deep.

Thanks in advance.
for the request name.

Hey @cruxto can you help me with a screenshot here. Didn’t got your query :thinking:

Hi @vikram.sahu,

Here is an example. As you can see, as you add nested folders the space remaining for the test step names is limited because the maximum column width is restricted. In my screenshot, I have set the column width to the maximum allowed.


Got it but the problem arises when the sub-folders are between 13-25 which I think is not the standard way of creating folders.

  1. When creating few folders


  1. when the number of folders is increased

Maybe this is the max limit or responsive issue. @postman’s UI/UX team can help us understand this better.


yes that’s the issue. I’m only going 3 - 4 folders deep, the the problem for me is my test step descriptions can be quite long sometimes. It would be good if you had the ability to make the collection column wider so you read the full name of the request.