Cloud Agent Error: Request is taking longer than 30 seconds

Hi, im getting this error. I downloaded the desktop version however im not able to upload files there. The file is an .xlsx . However if i try to upload it in the cloud version, like without installing the desktop version, then im able to upload the files. I have attached a screenshot for reference. Can some please help how to resolve the upload issue.

Cloud Agent Error: Request is taking longer than 30 seconds to fulfill. Use another agent to send a request without time limitations.


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Do you have the Desktop Agent enabled after installing it?

Hi Danny,

Im not sure where to enable this.

I installed the desktop version. and when I click on the settings, it gives me 1 option, ie “Launch at startup”.

And when I open the postman, it open my chrome browser. Attached is screenshot


As per the image I posted, it’s in the bottom right menu bar of the Web platform.


I got the desktop agent selected now. However im not able to upload the file. Kindly see attached screenshot. It doesnt seem to attach anything. This is excel file im trying to test.

Is that button clickable? Do you see the file explorer when it’s clicked? Is it disabled and do you get a tool tip on hover?

It quite difficult to see what’s actually happening from a static image of that section of the app :sweat_smile:

Hi Danny,

Yes I have a link that screen recorded. This might help clear the confusion.