Cloud Agent Error

Iam running a basic GET request for a URL to fetch some details on Alation.
Iam using the Web browser for Postman and after running it, it is giving me an error called Cloud Agent Error and asking to use Desktop Agent app.

Why is this issue coming up? Can anyone help on this?
The same url and GET request on the Postman tool App is working fine and giving the desired results but not happening the same when trying from browser login.


Hey @pallavisharma1,

This issue usually occurs when you try sending a request to your localhost from the postman’s website and the Website cannot send a request to your computer’s localhost. It first needs to connect to your PC with the Postman desktop client.

But in your case, it looks a bit tricky because you are trying to connect Alation which should ideally work out.

you can refer few links which might help you understand or fix the issue

Also, it will a quick help if you can post your error or screenshot with respect to the issue.