Why can't I get the json data on web but I can on Desktop?


The GET request URL is:

On desktop, it errors with the following message: Cloud Agent Error: Request is taking longer than 30 seconds to fulfill. Use another agent to send a request without time limitations.

But this endpoint works on Postman desktop application instantly. Itโ€™s also publicly available if you copy it onto the browser to view.

Please tell me why this is happening only for this specific URL?


Hey @h.ha :wave:

There are certain requests that will not complete or be successful, when using the Cloud Agent, from the Web platform.

In order to return the results from that URL, you will need to use the Desktop Agent, as mentioned in the Error message.


The Desktop Agent can be downloaded from our website.

More information about why thatโ€™s required for the web platform, can be found here:

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