Caputre HTTPS Requests in Windows 10

I’m trieing to capture https request via the postman proxy. It works fine when I’m using http but whenever I try it with https, I get stuck.

I followed this guide for setting up the root certificate in windows:

Then I validate in power shell if everything is working:

This works:
curl -v -Proxy

This doesnt work:
curl -v -Proxy

I get stuck when I try https. No error messages. Just getting stuck there.

I rebooted my computer and postman multiple times, after setting up the root certificate according to the manual.

So what am I missing, why is it not working?

Still not solved. Any ideas anyone?

Still nobody any idea what could lead me to a solution? Meanwhile I’m still running Telerik Fiddler as an https proxy for restcalls. I’d like to migrate to postman, as I really like that tool alot more.