Capture HTTPS traffic from device through Postman app Proxy on Mac

My question:
Look for exact steps for how to capture HTTPS traffic from a device that proxying through Postman app running on a Mac. I can do this fine from a browser app on the same machine after following instructions to install the postman-proxy-ca.crt file on the Mac. However, HTTPS requests from a device through the same Mac do not…the call never makes it to Postman, though HTTP calls work fine from the device. If I use the browser on the device to issue the same call that is failing, I can get that to work by install the postman-proxy-ca.crt in the Postman app.

How I found the problem:
Found the problem by trying to run an app on the device that makes HTTPS calls…and I setup a proxy to point to the Postman App on the make. HTTP calls are captured just fine, as well as HTTPS requests made directly in the browser. But the same calls fail from a Hybrid app launched on that same device.

Can someone describe the basic steps in term of what exact proxy configurations and crt files need to be set or installed, on either the device or the Postman app?

thanks in advance for any help here.

Hey @getsummmmmm :wave:

Sorry to hear you are having some issue with capturing HTTPS requests using HTTPS proxy.

I believe you have followed the instructions here already.

To help us understand your issue better, would you please elaborate on what you mean by “a Hybrid app launched on that same device”?

Thanks for your cooperation on this.
I am looking forward to hearing back from you! :smiley:

Hello Taehoshino, I have solved my problem. The docs above really only mentioned installing the Postman CA cert on a Mac so you can use a browser to record HTTPS traffic. I need to use a Hybrid app (web app wrapped in Cordova) to record HTTPS requests through Postman proxy. The docs regarding proxying requests from a device by setting a proxy up on the WIFI connection do not address what is needed to record HTTPS traffic. The solution obviously is that you need to push the CA root certificate to the device in question that is proxying its requests to the Postman native app running on your computer. I know this may seem obvious, but might help to add a note about this in the Postman “Capturing Request Data” section.

Hope that helps, thanks for your prompt reply!

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Thanks for letting us know the issue was resolved! Really appreciate for sharing your findings with other users as well :tada:

Thanks again for getting in touch! Have a great day :rocket: