Capture HTTPS requests in native app?

Is there any way for the Postman native app (PC) to capture HTTPS requests from Chrome, for a web application with HSTS enabled?

I’m trying to replicate the functionality provided by the Chrome App / Postman Interceptor - my organization is extremely hesitant to use an application that’s no longer supported.

Based on this post , I understand that the built-in proxy does not handle this.

I considered setting up our own proxy to handle HTTPS requests, and making use of custom proxy ability functionality. But rereading the documentation ( it sounds like Postman can only SEND requests through the custom proxy, it cannot intercept or record requests that originate from the Chrome browser - is that correct?

Currently, the built-in proxy in the native app can capture HTTP requests, but not HTTPS.

Note: for the Postman native apps, request captures over HTTPS will not work if the website has HSTS enabled. Most websites have this check in place.

Interceptor integration and HTTPS proxy are both on the Postman roadmap, for mid-term and in planning respectively.

And you’re correct - the custom proxy available through the Settings is to SEND your requests through that proxy.

Thanks for the thorough response :slight_smile: