Don't understand how to use Interceptor

I’ve been using Postman for a while, as essentially a “standalone” tool for submitting REST service calls, either to a service running on a server, or on my desktop.

I recently heard about the “Postman Interceptor” thing in Chrome. I think, from what little I can find about this, that when I have this in place I can go to pages in Chrome, and that will save XHR request history in my native Postman instance, so I can then go to that tool and manually execute calls that appear in my history (perhaps with some copying from history to somewhere else).

The instructions I’ve found are a little vague, and sometimes don’t match what I see on the screen.

In Chrome, in the dev tools, I have the icon with the “Send XHR Requests …” tooltip. I have “Request Capture” turned on. I see a list of requests in the “last 10” list.

It’s my assumption at this point that I should be able to go to the native Postman app and see the details of these requests, including full url, headers, cookies, and request and response data. I do see a “History” tab, but the newest entries in that list are in the “Yesterday” list.

Am I missing something?

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Same - docs don’t seem to related to Postman 7. Did you ever figure this out?

I’ve got to post to

I fill all the cookies in having grabbed them from Chrome, but it doesn’t seem to work

I don’t think using the Chrome interceptor is the best way to go.

There is a built-in interceptor / proxy in Postman. Right on top, looking like a satellite antenna. You will need to configure your browser to proxy your requests through Postman. Maybe this is more helpful.

Nevertheless, this option almost never works for me, because Postman does not support HTTP Strict Transport Security ( HSTS ) a security policy thing.

So what I usually do to capture a request is to use the Chrome Dev Tools to capture the request and to import it as cURL in Postman. Here is a short tutorial on how to do that:

I hope this helps.