Can't create Collection version


with the last version of Postman I am unable to create new collection version.
In the past I was able to create versions for collections, but with the current version it seems to be no longer possible.

How to reproduce:

  1. select collection and click “View Documentation”

  1. open VERSION combo
    Screenshot 2023-01-26 alle 15.55.29

  2. How can I add a new version?

Thanks for the support
Best regards

Hi @luca.sinesy

Hope this helps…

  • Version - If the collection has multiple versions, select the versions to publish. (You can no longer create versions or releases for collections in Postman v10, but you can publish versions of an API.)

Ok thanks for the clarification!
too bad, it was useful to versione the collections!

I think this is related to your question… maybe weigh in and provide your opinion

Or create another issue if one doesn’t already exist for collection specific versioning :+1: